Valentina’s musings 3

EGO – IT’S DOMINANCE AND ACCEPTANCE What does the word ‘ego’ exactly mean? Simply put, it is an intrinsic part of our nature and identity, making its appearance in our early childhood and stays with us till death do us part. It is something, of which we had always heard bad things. If we talk [...]

Storytime with Sonu(2)

THE CURSE When you’re an awkward fat kid , you're bound to get teased. A lot. It’s just one of those inescapable universal truths that nobody questions. Still, you expect it to remain a genial peer thing, something that your classmates do to have a laugh, without actually having the intent of hurting you. Not everyone [...]

Valentina’s musings-2

CONTEXT OF ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY WITH MODERN WORLD Mythology is a vast subject it gives information of events happened in past, considering famous Greek Mythology, Mythological civilizations of other countries but today I’m going to talk about Indian Mythology. Today, whatever we’re, wherever we’re, it’s only because of our Indian Mythology. I strongly believe that our [...]

Valentina’s musings

Life goes on…………… Hey guys, I know these are tough times but what’s life without toughand happy times. Without these two, life just becomes a straight ridewithout breaks. These two things fill our life with our experiencesmaking our lives eventful and a topsy – turvy ride rather than dulland monotonous.Instead of looking at other side, [...]